About ReeMAP

The ambition of LKAB:s Circular Industrial Park is to become a centre for the chemical engineering industry in northern Sweden which extracts tomorrow’s resources using innovative technology. 

Today’s waste becomes tomorrow’s resources

Illustration Anders Humlebo/TT Nyhetsbyrån

This industrial park will set a world-leading standard for clean products, energy efficiency and reduced emissions. Mine waste will become mineral fertilisers, rare earth elements, gypsum and fluorine.

Prosperity across the community

The initiative is a matter of European, national and local concern. New knowledge will be developed while European access to critical raw materials is increased. The industrial park, in collaboration with academia and the local business community, will create jobs and attract unique expertise that will strengthen LKAB’s competitive advantage, as well as that of the region, and present opportunities for a new collaboration.

Objectives ReeMAP project

By recovering and upgrading mine waste, the objective of the ReeMAP project is to produce:

  • Phosphorus corresponding to five times Sweden’s demand
  • Rare Earth Elements 30% of today’s demand within the EU, up to 100% of specific REEs.
  • Fluorine for the chemicals industry and medical applications
  • Gypsum to meet demand from all building construction in Sweden