The apatite plant will be placed directly adjacent to existing iron ore processing facilities. Placement of the ReeMAP Industrial Park has not yet been decided.

In May 2022 LKAB announced that Luleå will be the  placement of the planned Circular Industrial Park.

Initially, apatite concentrate will be extracted in Kiruna and Gällivare/Malmberget. The concentrate will then be hauled by rail to the industrial park in Luleå, where it will be dissolved and processed to separate the products phosphorus, rare earth elements and fluorine, as well as gypsum as a by-product.

For Luleå, LKAB’s planned industrial park means important development for local business. In addition to major investment and up to 500 new jobs, a whole new industrial cluster for chemical engineering will be created. 

An important choice to succeed 

LKAB have assessed several locations in Sweden and Norway for the site of the circular industrial park. Luleå has good logistics, sufficient land, electricity, lower costs, a good labour market and housing and, not least, synergies with our existing operations.  

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LKAB:s planned circular industrial park located in Luleå, Sweden.
LKAB’s planned circular industrial park located in Luleå, Sweden.