ReeMAP Industrial Park

The ReeMAP Industrial Park has the potential to become a centre for the chemical engineering industry in northern Sweden which extracts tomorrow’s resources using innovative technology.

We foresee an industrial park that will set a world-leading standard for clean products, energy efficiency and reduced emissions. Mine waste will become mineral fertilisers, rare earth elements, gypsum and fluorine.

Major investment

The ReeMAP Industrial Park will be a major investment, a motor for local growth and a driver for resource efficiency and a green transition. Thanks to the possibilities for utilising synergies for production of both input materials and several by-products in addition to phosphorus, the industrial park will be large. It may also attract the establishment of other, related or surrounding enterprises.

Important for Sweden and Europe

The initiative is a matter of European, national and local concern. New knowledge will be developed while European access to critical raw materials is increased. The industrial park, in collaboration with academia and the local business community, will create jobs and attract unique expertise that will strengthen LKAB’s competitive advantage, as well as that of the region, and present opportunities for local clusters and new collaboration.

ReeMAP Industrial Park  – an overview

The figures and information given below are only approximate and may change during the course of the development of the project. However, this information gives an indication of the scope.

JobsSeveral hundred
InvestmentBillions of Kronor
AreaUp to 50 ha
RailwayFor incoming products
Port ~1 mln tonnes finished products shipped out
Estimated figures on the impact of ReeMAP Industrial Park