The hydro process

The hydro process is the key to the success of the ReeMAP project. This is where most of the new technology must be developed.

There is currently no comparable upgrading process that creates such high-grade products while utilising by-products.

Various process stages

The process diagram provides a simplified overview of the various stages. Several of the sub-stages make use of known and proven process technology. Matching them to an effective and economically sustainable process which meets high expectations for product quality is a great challenge.

Working in partnership

Together with partners, LKAB is developing this technology in a lab setting and in bench-scale tests. The results of the latter, which will be forthcoming in 2021, will be a decisive factor for realising the project.

“Of course, it’s a challenge, not least technically and process-wise. And, if we can also design the process so that it is efficient and economically feasible, we have created good conditions for reaching our goal of producing critical raw materials from mine waste,” says Ulrika Håkansson, Project Manager for ReeMAP.