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Boliden tailings dam Aitik - Credit Boliden

LKAB and Boliden collaborate to recycle mining waste and create circular products

18 November 2021

The leading Swedish mining companies LKAB and Boliden have signed an agreement and will begin working together to investigate the possibility of extracting pyrite concentrate from mining waste at the Boliden Aitik mine, which LKAB will subsequently process into fossil-free sulphuric acid. The sulphuric acid will then be used in processes for extracting rare earth elements and phosphorus from LKAB’s mining waste.

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500 jobs created

500 jobs created when LKAB extracts critical minerals from mining waste

19 October 2021

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén’s visit to Luleå today had the theme of new industrialisation and new green jobs in the north. Leif Boström, Senior Vice President, Business Area Special Products, disclosed that LKAB’s investment in extracting phosphorus and rare earth elements will create more than 500 jobs.

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A call for action to extract REE’s in Europe

13 October 2021

The European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) has released its Action Plan to secure access to Rare Earths for European industry. It concludes that 95% of electric vehicles use rare earths in traction motors and that Europe does not have any rare earth extraction.

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Lower EU limits for cadmium in food advantage for production of sustainable mineral fertilisers

25 August 2021

The European Commission has adopted a regulation on new lower limit values ​​for cadmium in certain foods, which could benefit LKAB’s plans to extract phosphorus from mining waste.

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MagnaDense in hand

Circular business models are worth billions to LKAB

23 June 2021

Utilising side streams from our own and others’ industrial operations allows us to create new high quality, environmentally efficient products. “Already today, more than a third of LKAB’s sales of industrial minerals are from secondary streams of raw materials, generating over a billion kronor in income,” says David Högnelid, Chief Strategy Officer for Business Area Special Products.

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Exploration confirms potential for producing mineral fertiliser and rare earth elements

31 March 2021

After having dramatically ramped up exploration activities, LKAB can now present the positive result: significant phosphorus mineral resources. “With a circular business model, we have the potential to supply European farmers with fossil-free and cadmium-free phosphorus mineral fertiliser, and the cleantech industry with rare earth elements” says Leif Boström, Senior Vice President Business Area Special Products, LKAB.

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The mine, the food and the environment

17 December 2020

“It’s a matter of achieving a sustainable raw-materials or materials supply. Here, ReeMAP is a good example,” says the national coordinator for Fossil Free Sweden, Svante Axelsson.

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ReeMAP video

20 October 2020

The demand for minerals and metals is higher than ever.

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Fossil-free mineral fertilizer vital for agriculture

14 October 2020

”Input materials are an important part of the striving towards fossil-free agriculture. Lifecycle analyses of one kilo of wheat show that as much as a third of the carbon-dioxide footprint comes from mineral fertilizer,” explains Claes Johansson, Lantmännen’s head of sustainable development.

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EU flag

Launching a European alliance to secure access to critical raw materials

29 September 2020

Today the European Union is launching the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA), that LKAB is a partner of, with the ambition to secure access to sustainable raw materials, advanced materials, and industrial processing know-how.

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