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LKAB office

Strategic priorities for a broader, stronger LKAB

8 May 2020

Our strategy aims to ensure LKAB’s long-term competitiveness.

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LKAB is now recycling mine waste in a new pilot plant

30 April 2020

In the ReeMAP project, LKAB is developing new technology for upgrading mine waste to mineral fertiliser, rare earth elements, fluorine and gypsum.

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David-Högnelid at IMFORMED Recycling Forum 2020-2

Recycled minerals wanted but not always valued

19 March 2020

At this year’s Mineral Recycling Forum, we presented LKAB’s way to sustainability with a focus on initiatives to recycle waste and by-products to create tomorrow’s resources.

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ReeMAP pilot plant delivery expected

24 February 2020

All parts for the apatite flotation process pilot plant will be delivered to our R&D-station during March 2020.

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New methods for recovering critical raw materials

13 January 2020

The prestudy for LKAB’s project will now continue with an assessment and comparison of several possible production technologies and partners.

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Valuable critical materials for food and innovation

9 December 2019

A profitable business is a matter of resource management and efficiency. Via ReeMAP LKAB will recycle part of the mine waste that has thus far been sent to the tailings ponds – our waste storage.

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Introduction to the ReeMAP Project by Ulrika Håkansson

23 March 2019

LKAB is investing 45 million SEK in pilot plants, to recycle LKAB mine waste through innovative processing, producing valuable minerals.

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LKAB invests in pilot plants for phosphorus and rare earth metals

20 February 2019

“We are investing 45 million kronor in pilot plants as part of a pre-feasibility study to define a process that enables recycling of mine waste through innovative processing, producing critical raw materials,” says President and Group CEO, Jan Moström.

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