Gypsum is mined as a naturally occurring mineral. However, much of it comes in the form of a residual product from coal-fired power plants in Europe.

Access from this source is declining, owing to the transition towards fossil-free energy production.

Gypsum for building construction

LKAB’s planned production of mineral fertiliser is not unique when it comes to gypsum. Gypsum is normally a by-product of the process for producing mineral fertiliser from phosphorus using hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid.

The problem with conventional sulphuric acid processes is that the gypsum contains impurities which limit its possible application areas. In the ReeMAP process, we place high demands on purity and will separate contaminants. Therefore, the gypsum can be used for gypsum board and cement, instead of being landfilled.

Construction materials such as gypsum boards contain gypsum

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